Capitol Expenditure (CAPEX)

Capital expenditure budget is for technologies where costs exceeds 3000 HKD per item.

The Vice Principal (Learning Technologies) is responsible for preparing a 10 year forecast which is discussed at the ICLT Steering Committee. This helps overall financial planning of the College. A more detailed 3 Year ICLT budget is also prepared with  the current cycle being September  2015 – August 2018.

Departments and individuals need to make  annual requests using one of the forms below. Curriculum leaders: VP LT, Primary and Secondary VPs (programme coordinators) and Heads of School contribute feedback to help with the request approval . Final purchase decision is made by the ICLT Steering Committee. The forms help ensure that adequate curriculum and logistics planning has taken place, and that the technology is aligned with the overall ICLT vision and strategy.

There is also a small innovation and contingency fund to support purchases that could not be requested before the annual budgets have been set.

Deadline for 2015-16 budgets requests is 13 February 2015.

Example purchases: laptops,  iPads, printers, projectors as well as specialists’ equipment (e.g.: data loggers, GPS , laser cutters, 3D printers, music technology, AV equipment, high end cameras). Software over 3000 HKD  with a perpetual licence (not a subscription) is also purchased through Capital Expenditure.

Operational Expenditure (OPEX)

ICT related purchases for items under 3000HKD  are mainly covered through a school-wide ICT operational budget. Some items that are very specific to a particular curriculum area might be purchased through Primary Educational Resource budget or departmental budgets (Secondary and some school-wide departments).

If a teacher or a department is expecting a bulk purchase of small items (i.e. total purchase is over 20,000 HKD) we strongly suggest that conversations have taken place with VP LT and request is made before end of January each year.

To ensure compatibility and efficiency of use (for example to decide whether some items might be better placed in a pool of central resources, or to see spending patterns across the College) all purchase requests must be recorded and vetted through the Opex Technology Request Form (coming soon) irrespective of where the funding comes from.

Vice Principal, Learning Technologies, Business Manager and Heads of Schools decide which operational budget purchase should be allocated to.

Example Opex expenditure examples: speakers, headphones, external HD, DVD players, monitors, software and on-line tools subscriptions*, low end still cameras, low end microphones, probes, (some) heart monitors

iPad Apps Purchase

All free and paid  iPad apps are acquired through the Apple Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) for Education. VPP offers discounts for bulk app purchases and acts as a database of all apps we use across the College. This helps restore apps if an iPad needs replacement. Occasionally free apps become paid apps. In cases like this the VPP allows to retain the original licence agreement.

Installation of iPad apps is managed through FileWave, a mobile device management system.

iPad Apps Request (Free or Paid) – coming soon