Camera Equipment:

Photo-  and video cameras, tripods, and microphones, too can be booked for various projects across the college.

Camera equipment can be booked by teachers for class film projects, presentations, EOTC,  sports competitions and for private projects.

Same procedure as by booking the Kubrick studio. Departments have to reason why they, from an educational point of view, wants students to use video as an option. Video cannot just act as a substitution. F.ex, instead of writing a paper, a student read a text in front of a camera and submit that. The task “MUST” be redefined and elements of basic film language for both camera work and editing has to be incorporated.

Camera booking can be done by email or in person to one of the ReDDooR coaches or the ReDDooR Helpdesk and all camera equipment MUST BE BOOKED AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR and confirmed by ReDDooR Coaches. Spontaneous and ad-hoc requests will not be accepted. Anyone showing up asking for a camera with no prior reservation will be turned down.

In general, camera equipment id for one day and can only be used at RCHK and in School hours. If the equipment has to be kept for a longer time and used outside of school and school hours, a parent consent form signed and returned to ReDDooR. This form can be downloaded HERE. 

Anyone who violates our booking term can be banned from borrowing any equipment for a specified time.

Booked equipment can only be picked up and returned following times from the Pudovkin suite at the 1st floor of the ReDDooR Centre .

8:15 – 8:40 AM -Whole School

9:50 -10:10 AM – Primary School

10:40 – 11 AM – Secondary School

12:10 – 1 PM – Primary School

1 – 2 PM – Secondary School

3 – 3:30 PM – Whole School

Returning equipment later than 3:30 can be done at the Helpdesk.

4:30 – 5 PM 

ReDDooR loanable equipment is connected to LIRC’s Oliver system and the equipment will be signed out using your RCHK smart card.

When cameras and accessories have been signed out from ReDDooR, the teacher/ department signing the loan agreement has the FULL responsibility for the equipment until it is returned. If anything should  happen to the equipment, it is the responsibility of the teacher to file a report to the ReDDooR and Mr. Hureau

For film projects of longer duration, a number of cameras and microphones can be stationed in the department for the duration of the unit, provided the teacher/ department takes full responsibility for all the equipment.

Prior to the project, teacher(s) and (expert) students will need to participate in an hour long camera handling and maintaining workshop to ensure appropriate usage of the equipment.

ReDDooR Film Crew-, Point Blank-, or Black Chamber members and participants in Photography for Change can book camera equipment to use in their projects.

Note: ReDDooR does not lend out any SD-Cards for Cameras. All Photographers from Black Chambers & Photography for Change must have a personal SD-Card

Individual students can only book and borrow cameras If they participate in a camera workshop and it is for:

  • PP: documentation from a supervising teacher
  • a class assignment: a supervising teacher and providing a script, a storyboard and shooting plan.

Full RedDDooR Support.

Students can apply for full ReDDooR support for an individual project.

To obtain full ReDDooR support, students need to send a formal application including a film treatment and /or a script, storyboard + a shooting- and location plan to one of the ReDDooR coaches and be approved.

Point Blank approved projects has the full support from ReDDooR, as long as nothing can damage the reputation of the school or any of its students, teachers or support staff.

Contact one of your coaches for more information.

Kubrick Studio Booking:

“Kubrick” is a (semi) professional TV studio with full lighting rig, light control console and green screen feature and is an amazing new asset to our school and it will not only enhance the learning experience for teachers & students across the college but also stimulate a lot of creativity.

Both to get the full potential of the studio and to ensure an appropriate use of the lighting system and the green screen, users will need to be trained to operate the studio and its technology. Time for this training MUST be incorporated into your lesson plan for the project.

The studio can be booked for film projects by all year levels and departments or by teachers and students for individual projects.

For all projects where departments want to use video as an option for students to deliver their work, the task “MUST” be redefined and the reason to use video must be clear from an educational point of view and should incorporate elements of basic film language for both camera work and editing.

Some helpful resources can be found in this compilation:

Teaching Filmmaking. MediaEd

Shoot to save time in post production

Important about sound

Framing & Composition


Students must produce a script and a storyboard where they outline the intended story illustrated like a comic where every single drawing/ picture exemplifying one camera shot.

A Storyboard doesn’t need to be like an amazing artwork (it doesn’t matter if they are either), however, they should illustrate how the story develops in a shot by shot sequence, so just by reading the storyboard like a comic, one should get a clear understanding of the story


Big departmental projects (like year 4 Natural disasters unit, year 5 common craft and media unit, year 6 exhibition, year 8 English and I & S, year 10 English documentary, year 11 I & S,  year 12 IDO and Science Group 4 project, where students will work in groups, requires an organised schedule with dates and times for each group session and an appointed supervisor for the groups when they are working in the studio.

NO student groups can work unsupervised in the studio. Supervision from a teacher or one of the ReDDooR tech coaches (if available) is a requirement. Tech coaches involvement has to be confirmed by the time of your booking.

Individual projects require a script/ storyboard, a supervisor (students) and a valid reason why it needs to be done in the green screen room. Individual projects have low priority and can be canceled if any departmental booking request is made during the same time.

Bookings can be made through the facilities booking site or by emailing any of the technology coaches and to the ReDDooR Helpdesk.

As the studio gets busier, it is important to book as soon as you know dates and times of your unit to ensure availability and support when you need it.

Be reasonable when booking. Avoid blanket bookings for a long period and then only use it sporadically. If the studio is needed for a large project, but the exact times of usage can’t be pinpointed, please be cooperative and flexible if ReDDooR asks for certain time slots for other user requests.