Parents are encouraged to consider purchasing a laptop insurance either as part of their house content insurance or through laptop specific insurance.

Laptops purchased through the 1:1 Programme receive an offer from Zurich and the offer is included in the box when laptop is given to the students.

 Laptop All Risks Enrollment Form are provided when the laptop is collected by the  student/parent.  Insurance orders require the laptop serial number be submitted on the application form; this number cannot be provided before the laptop is delivered.

If you wish to purchase this insurance, it must be done with in 3 weeks after the laptop is being collected by the student/parent.

20150055 Laptop insurance v2 20150519 leaflet provides further information.

Insurance for the laptop is renewable yearly (by individual invitation letter from Zurich prior to the policy expiry).  Zurich reserves the right to decline any renewal based on business consideration.  For lap top insurance matters, please quote your policy number and contact:

Hotline: 2968-2288