Parents can purchase a new or second hand laptop outside the ESF 1:1 Purchase Programme but it must meet the following criteria:

  • is an Apple MacBook
  • is capable of running school software (see technical specification below)
  • has reasonable battery performance – at least 1 hour in Primary and 2 hours in Secondary
  • (new students only) report to us by 1 August that you are buying from elsewhere or have one already
  • bring laptop to Red Door for set up
    • Year 6 on or before 16 August
    • Years 7 to 13 on or before 13 August

Apple has education prices which are available to any students but this option carries the normal retail APP (warranty) arrangements – students or parents need to take the laptop to an Apple Store or another authorised repair centre. Below is a price comparison for laptops purchased through the general Apple education programme and 1:1 Apple programme (ESF).

Please note that the on-site Apple technician will not be able to carry our warranty or non-warranty repairs as this service is part of the 1:1 programme with a specially priced AppleCare Protection Plan.  Students are not entitled to a loaner laptop if their laptop needs repair and their warranty is unlikel to cover battery

Minimum Technical Specification – 13″ screen, 4Gb RAM, 256 Gb

Recommended Technical Specification -13″ screen, 8Gb RAM, 512 Gb

15″ Retina laptops are high-end expensive computers and should only be considered for students opting or interested in graphic design, digital art, digital music, CAD, animation and serious movie making.

If your laptop is 2 years or older please bring it to the Red Door Centre for inspection to confirm that it can run the school software without negatively impacting on your child’s learning.