Over the past 3 years we have been expanding our Makers tools, equipment and materials both in terms numbers and variety.

Papert Maker Space
At Red Door we have dedicated and purpose build makerspace and robotics areas.
The space is predominantly used to support makered centred units in the Primary Programme of Inquiry. It is also used for After School Activities such as Lego EV3 club, Bricks4kids and Secondary electronics club.

Satellite Maker Spaces
Many of our Primary year levels have developed or started to develop mini maker spaces in the central parts of their hubs.

Maker Spaces in a Box
These are usually classroom based and consist of predominantly arts and crafts materials.

Red Door Equipment and Tools List (last updated July 2017)

Programmable Boards eg Arduino, Makey Makey
Construction and Woodwork
Circuitry and Electronics
Fabrication and Replication inc 3D Printing