Renaissance College is strategically committed to incorporating Maker Centred Learning (MakerEd) and STREAM. Red Door Centre plays pivotal role in its implementation.

Maker Centred Learning

Beginning in 2016/17 we developed MakerEd focus Units of Inquiry in each year level of the PYP Programme of Inquiry as well as single subjects.

Science Technology Robotics Arts and Mathematics (STREAM)

In Secondary school we are committed to developing STEAM opportunities through interdisciplinary units and in individual subjects such as Design, Science, Art and Mathematics in the Middle Years Programme.

Currently Renaissance students have opportunity to develop computational thinking through coding, for example learning Python in Year 9 or electronics in Year 10.

We are also developing Lego robotics programme in Year 5 and 6. There is a Lego Robotics after school activity where students have opportunity to take part in competitions.