Technology permeates the Renaissance College community, enhancing and transforming teaching and learning.

Commitment to technology is one of Renaissance College bedrock principles.

To provide all students with opportunities to learn about, through and with technology which fosters the development of IB learners by:

  • developing an agile curriculum framework that includes scope and sequence and assessment
  • developing organisational structure and staffing model to support integration of ICT into and across the curriculum
  • develop support mechanism for students joining school in years 7-13
  • developing opportunities for mastery in technology through after school courses and clubs

To engage, partner and collaborate with the immediate and wider community to enhance the understanding of digital learners and learning by:

  • seeking representation from all members of the community
  • developing communication and collaboration tools and platforms
  • developing channels for distribution of students products across internal and external networks
  • participating in and developing inter-school student and teacher collaboration
  • participating in competitions
  • contributing to open education model

To provide equitable access to relevant, diverse, reliable, safe and current technologies to all students and staff by:

  • developing and adhering to ICLT Policy which govern all strategic and operational aspects of technology use
  • developing and enforcing Responsible Use and Social Media Policy
  • annually reviewing progress and producing annual report

To ensure all staff are highly competent in using technology creatively and proficiently to advance academic and operational goals by:

  • proactively using recruitment and professional development processes
  • expecting individual staff members to use performance management process to review their ICT skills and reflect and identify possible ICT targets
  • expecting all ICT Support and Learning Technology staff to be certified in relevant technologies
  • developing a well defined and budgeted Technology PD plan that addresses individual, departmental and college wide technology needs
  • utilising digital tools to develop professional learning networks and culture
  • showcasing and celebrating technology