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Cameras operating with a SD Card or Hard-drive memory.


Delete all footage from Card or Hard drive. This can be done either by dragging the files to the trash bin, or you go through the Menu settings on the camera, and chose “Initialize HDD”.

Initializing is the best way to go about after the end of a Unit or at the end of the year.

Do not do this too often. By saying this I mean using “Initializing” as the normal procedure for deleting footage, as it basically reformat the hard drive completely.

If you delete footage “the normal way” scene by scene, you will need more time to do so, and if you drag the footage to the trash-bin while connected to a computer, make sure you go to “Finder” in the menu bar, scroll down to “Empty Trash” and empty the bin before ejecting the camera. Only by emptying the trash bin, you will get your full memory restored on the card/ hard drive.AnnotatedEmptyTrash

Store the Camera in a dry environment. The ideal storage temperature is 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Ideally put cameras and microphones into an airtight plastic bag with a zipper seal, or even better, in an airtight container with some dehumidifying bags.

Before storing for a longer time, make sure to avoid condensation. If the camera has been transported from cold to hot or vice versa, wait for an hour or until the camera has reached the temperature in the storage room, before sealing the bag or container.

Storage of LI-ion Camera Batteries.


Charge or discharge the battery until it is only has about 40 percent of its life remaining. Never store a battery when it is full or fully discharged. A battery needs to have some life to remain operational while stored.

How do you get the battery charged to 40 percent?

When the battery is charging there is an indicator light on the camera. Until the battery is 25 percent charged, this indicator light will blink once. Up to 50 percent, twice after each other, by 75 percent it will blink 3 times and when it is fully charged, the light is constantly lit.

Let the battery run flat. Charge the battery and when the indicator starts blinking twice, let it charge a bit more. Should be at about 40 percent then.

Remove the battery from the item it’s powering. Never store a battery in an electronic product if you are not planning on using the battery for longer than a month.

Place the battery in a plastic bag with a zipper or sealable lid. This protects the battery against any water damage and also protects the storage area, just in case the battery leaks.


Store the battery in a dry environment. The temperature ideal storage temperature is 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.


Recondition, or calibrate, the battery every six months and when you are ready to use the battery again. Reconditioning the battery involves draining the battery and recharging the battery, three to five times depending on the size of the battery. Reconditioning ensures all of the batteries cells are used and keeps them functioning.

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